What is Viro® Fiber?
Viro is a superior quality, polyethylene-based fiber characterized by high flexibility and tensile strength. The unique process used to create this synthetic material ensures a fiber that is completely colored throughout, smudge-proof, and resistant to temperature variations. In addition, Viro is extremely durable, as evidenced by its UV- and weather-resistance. It's also ideal for weaving, producing beautiful and elegant outdoor furniture.

Benefits of Viro® Fibers
High-quality Viro fiber boasts these first-rate benefits:


What is Rehau® Fiber?
REHAU German fiber achieves long-term competitive advantage through cutting-edge innovations and outstanding reliability.

REHAU provides a sophisticated portfolio of polymer-based products and systems that brings real value to many companies throughout the world.

REHAU Performance characteristics:


What is Twitchell Corp Texiline Sling Fabric?
Twitchell's TEXTILENE®PLUS is a durable yet versatile option for any outdoor application that requires an enhanced level of FR performance. As with other Textilene® brand synthetic fabrics, TEXTILENE®PLUS fabrics are comprised of the same PVC coated polyester yarns that have made the brand a household name worldwide.

Twitchell Performance characteristics: