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About Lloyd/Flanders "Lloyd Loom" Wicker

Lloyd Loom

In 1917, Marshall B. Lloyd patented a process of weaving cellulose strands into wicker fabric.

Lloyd/Flanders has advanced the original technology, producing a continuous strand that will not burr, crack, or peel, resulting in a consistently smooth weave. Each strand in the fabric's warp is constructed of twisted cellulose fibers immersed in glue to prevent unraveling. In the weft, the strands are reinforced with aluminum wire for added strength and resilience.

Following the weaving process, the wicker is completely submerged in a resin emulsion and heated, forming a flexible coating which provides protection from moisture. The wicker is then contoured over a sturdy aluminum frame and is completed with our special Durium finish ensuring years of use.

This innovative manufacturing process allows Lloyd/Flanders to produce wicker furniture that is both versatile and durable. Coupled with upscale design and stylish comfort, it has quickly become the most sought-after all weather wicker furniture available today.