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Lloyd Loom Wicker Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Non-Porous Wicker Latex coated wicker will not absorb moisture. Will not expand or contract, which can result in weakening and rotting. Can be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent.
Aluminum Frames Will not rust, warp, or split. Easy to move around when cleaning. Can be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent. Will not absorb moisture.
Wicker Reinforcement A stainless steel or aluminum wire runs through the center of the wicker every 3/4". Strengthens the wicker enabling it to hold it's shape and structure for years.
Continuous Weave From top to bottom, there are no breaks in the wicker strands. Meaning no loose ends, splinters or burrs in the furniture, and no snags on clothing or body parts. Structurally more sound, fewer joints.
Reversible Cushions Majority of cushions are completely reversible, doubling the life of the cushion to the customer.
Customization Lloyd/Flanders offers over 150 fabrics and 14 frame finishes in order to create a designer look reflecting your personal style. COM also available.
Polyester Fiberfill Cushions Water will drain through the cushion quickly and will not absorb into the cushions as it would with standard foam
3-Year Residential Warranty If the furniture is in a screened porch, sun room, or exposed completely.
USA Based

Manufacture of wicker products in the USA
since 1906, now with enhanced international capabalities.