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Lloyd Flanders Premium Cloud Cushioning


Lloyd Flanders Premium Cloud Cushioning

Lloyd Flanders has chosen to offer truly outdoor cushioning on all our casual furniture. Constructed from multiple layers of 100% polyester fiber, the cushions are hydrophobic (drains and dries more easily), hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and do not mildew. While the Fibers themselves have not changed from our previous all fiber cushioning, our new CLOUD cushioning differs in how the fiber batting is structured, creating just the right balance between comfort and support.

The defining characteristic is in the core, referred to as the inner and outer core. The inner core (providing support) is made from primarily conjugated polyester fiber. Conjugate refers to the three dimensional crimp in the fibers which  significantly increases the resiliency of the batting. Due to it’s resiliency, conjugated polyester batting has taken the place of polyurethane foam in many applications. 

The outer core is silicone-treated “slick” polyester batting. Sandwiched between the outer wrap and the conjugated inner core, this layer is responsible for the “soft landing” prior to sinking through to the support of the inner core, greatly enhancing the comfort of the seat.


Caring For Lloyd Flanders New Cloud Cushioning

Cushions upholstered in Sunbrella® or other solution dyed acrylic fabrics may be cleaned with one cup of chlorine bleach diluted in one gallon of water with a small amount of mild detergent . Test in a small inconspicuous area. Saturate a cloth or soft brush with the solution. Scrub the entire cushion and rinse well with clean water and let air dry.

Printed acrylic fabric may be scrubbed with a solution of mild detergent and warm water. Do not use bleach. Rinse and air dry. Do Not Put In Dryer Or Send Out To Dry Cleaners.
If excessive waters accumulates in the cushion, stand upright with the open zipper or seam side down. The cushion should dry quickly as this facilitates the draining of the water through the fibers.