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Wicker FAQ

I found something I love but I would like a different fabric color. Can you help me find what I want?

Yes! Many of the sets we carry have dozens of fabric options. We may be able to easily special order a fabric color or help you find specifically what you want. Just give us a call (Toll free at 888-785-0713), and our team will make sure we find you what you are looking for.

You carry one of my favorite brands but there is a specific chair they make that I can't find on your site, can you help me?

Yes! We can easily order a piece of furniture from any brand we carry. Our team is happy to work with you to find the specific pieces you are looking for, for a custom order.

I want to create a custom furniture set. Can you help me pick and choose my pieces?

Yes! We can help you create a custom furniture set from any pieces you see on the site and may be able to save you money off the listing price. Our team is ready to help you put together the furniture set for your patio, sunroom, or living room.

I found something you carry but its cheaper on another website. Will you match their price?

Yes! If you find something cheaper on another website we will do our best to match the price. Give us a call and our team will be ready to work with you.

What is Wicker?

Wicker actually refers to the style created by weaving natural plant fibers into objects, and is not actually a type of wood. Bamboo and reed plants fibers or synthetic materials such as resin wicker are often used in the making of wicker furniture. The plant that is most often used in the making of wicker is rattan.

What is Rattan?

Rattan is made up of over 600 species of palm, native to tropical regions in Asia, Africa, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Rattan climbs, vine like, through the trees and along jungle floor and can reach lengths up to 600 feet. Rattan is a tremendously strong material, making it popular for sturdy light weight furniture. The rattan poles woven in a wicker style are easily stained making them available in a variety of colors.

Is wicker furniture okay to leave outside year round?

Like most furniture, untreated or non-weather resistant furniture will degrade with weather exposure. Make sure you protect your wicker furniture with coverings or putting them in storage during rainy seasons so that they last for years to come!

How do you clean wicker furniture?

Vacuum brushes tend to work well between the wicker's reed material. A warm wet rag with a bit of detergent can be used to get stains out, though test it in an inconspicuous spot first, as you may remove finish or paint.